The Find button will allow you to locate information based on a character string. If you donít know the complete string, a partial string may be entered.

  1. To be able to use the find button you will need the make a theme active. On the right side of the web page under Layers move the mouse cursor over the circle next to the layer you want to query and select it. You can toggle between layer and legend list by simply selecting the layer/legend list button on the toolbar.
  2. Then select the Find   button on the toolbar to begin the selection process. The find feature builder interface will appear at the bottom of the web page located inside the text display.

The find feature dialog lets you build the find expression.

  1. Type in a character string or a partial string to locate a particular feature from the active theme in your map view. You don't need to enclose the text you specify in quotes. The selection process is case sensitive therefore, you will have to know exactly how itís entered in the database (for most strings this is all uppercase characters). Only fields defined as text strings will be searched, for fields defined as numeric you must use the  Query Builder.

  2. Move the mouse cursor and click the Find String button to execute the selection process. Features that meet the query definition appear in the text display area. At this time you can select a specific record by moving the mouse cursor over the number which is located under the field/column called record1.jpg (8245 bytes)Rec. You know you are in the correct field/column because you will see the cursor turn into a pointing hand. When the record is selected the web page will zoom in and highlight the corresponding selection in red. The text display area also shows related database information.

  3. You can drag and drop the results of the query into any text processing application, such as Microsoft Word or Excel. With the left mouse button depressed, drag the cursor across the columns to highlight the column titles as well as the records. When the records you want are selected, simultaneously press <Ctrl + C> to copy, then open Microsoft Word or Excel and then simultaneously press <Ctrl + V> to paste. The result will be a text or table you may edit and sort.