The Locate Address button allows you to geocode city addresses. Click on the Locate Address button and enter a city address on the new window that is showing up on your screen. You should enter the street number first and then street name in upper case just like the default example 711 N GALLOWAY which is the city Municipal Center address. After you have entered your address click on the Find Address button.

  • The Locate Table Results associated with the matching addresses will appear in the text display area. This table will show you a list with so called address match candidates or all the matching addresses with their geocoding score. At this time you can select a specific record by moving the mouse cursor over the number which is located under the field/column called Rec or #. You know you are in the correct field/column because you will see the cursor turn into a pointing hand. When the record is selected the web page will zoom in and place a red star at the selected matching address.
  • At the end you have an option to go back to the original find address window by clicking on the Locate Another Address button.