Sample HTML Viewers

ArcIMS includes several sample implementations of the HTML Viewer.

Before choosing the sample links, go to the setup instructions for the sample you want to try.

Basic Map
This sample viewer demonstrates basic calls for a map image. These calls include displaying a map, and zooming and panning functions. The zooming and panning are done through several different interfaces, including buttons with icons (toolbar style), buttons with text (form style), and links.
This sample viewer demonstrates the use of the Extract Server to extract layers for user-defined extent.
Generic Map
This sample viewer presents a dropdown list of all Image MapServices running on a server, and allows the user to choose one to display. It also has an Options tool that allows the user to set a variety of properties including zoom and pan factors, color for zoom box outline and map background, selection and highlight color, north arrow style, style of the layer list, and map coordinate display.
This sample viewer demonstrates a hyperlink function. It shows how to turn map features into hyperlinks that display another web page.
Java Post
This sample viewer demonstrates the use of a Java applet inside the HTML viewer to communicate with the ArcIMS Application Server instead of to the ArcIMS Servlet Connector. The applet uses Java 1.1 instead of Java 2, and therefore does not require the JRE Plug-in. The sample supports the same functions as the HTML viewer created by ArcIMS Designer, but can be extended with Java 1.1. This sample does not run in Netscape 6 browser due to changes in Java security.
This sample viewer demonstrates the ability to load multiple MapServices, including MapServices from more than one host.
This sample viewer demonstrates linking layer features to data in an external database. A layer of land parcels with matching parcel information found in an Access database is provided. This sample can be used with Active Server Pages (ASP) or ColdFusion to communicate with the external data.
Thematic Map
This sample viewer shows interactive thematic rendering of layers and generating statistics on a field.