The Buffer button will allow you to select adjacent information based on the selected feature and a specific buffer distance. To do this you will need to know what layer you want to select from (the target layer) that will fall within a particular distance of selected features of an active theme. For example you may want to find all parcels (the target layer) within 500 feet of a particular street (the active theme).

  1. To be able to use the buffer button you will need to make a theme active. On the right side of the web page under Layers move the mouse cursor over the circle next to the layer you want to buffer and select it. You may toggle between layer and legend list by simply selecting the layer/legend list button on the toolbar.
  2. Next select the set of features of the active theme you want to buffer. You may do this by clicking first on the select by rectangle or the select by line/polygon button before you select the buffer button. You may also use the Find or Query buttons to select features to buffer.
  3. After you have features selected, click the buffer button on the toolbar to begin the target layer selection process. As a result the buffer feature builder interface will appear located inside the text display at the bottom of the web page. The buffer feature dialog lets you build the buffer expression.
  4. Click the down arrow in the Highlight feature form drop down menu to select the map layer box. Remember this is the feature layer you want to highlight that is within the buffer distance of the active theme. Type the distance of your buffer into the text box "within a distance of (enter distance) Feet". To have the attributes of the selected layer displayed, check the box next to Display Attributes. Now you may click the Create Buffer button to begin the buffer selection process.
  5. After you have executed the buffer string selection, another listing will pop up on the text display area if there was a match for your selection. At this time you may select a specific record by moving the mouse cursor over the number which is located under the field/column called Rec. You know you are in the correct field/column because you will see the mouse cursor turn into a pointing hand. When the record is selected the web page will zoom in and highlight the corresponding selection in red. The text display area also shows related database information.
  6. You can drag and drop the results of the buffer expression into any text processing application, such as Microsoft Word or Excel. With the left mouse button, press and highlight some or all of the data fields and records listed in the text display area. Simultaneously press <Ctrl + C> to copy, then open Microsoft Word or Excel and then simultaneously press <Ctrl + V> to paste.